About IMCO
About IMCO

     In 1981, Kenneth Banks purchased International Muffler Company, housed in a small facility with 35 employees manufacturing 600 mufflers per day. Since then, the company has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of replacement automotive parts in North America. With team management concentrating on manufacturing products of unsurpassed quality and customer service, the IMCO family has grown tremendously and now encompasses a 600,000 square foot facility and employs approximately 500 people. Today it is a full-line supplier producing mufflers, glasspacks, straight tubing and prebent as well as providing a line of converters, chrome and stainless tips, hardware and accessory items. 

     The “Family Concept” is stressed throughout IMCO. This concept has helped strengthen the foundation on which IMCO was built. There are many different “teams” within the organization working hand-in-glove with each other to research, design, manufacture, sell and ship IMCO product with pride. Each employee is considered a vital part of the IMCO “family” which promotes working as a team toward achieving excellence in the industry.

     Kenneth Banks has been quoted as saying “one of the main reasons for the company’s growth is the people…the most important aspect of hiring an individual is not job knowledge – it is attitude”. Come grow with us!

     IMCO strives to develop amicable relationships with its customers . . . relationships based on the fact that IMCO wants to hear what customers need in their business. The goals of this organization are to provide exhaust products of superior quality, ensure unequaled customer service and continue to offer products at competitive prices. IMCO not only welcomes but also encourages customers to tour our facility to observe first-hand the manufacturing of the exhaust products they use. Visitors will find a very friendly, responsive attitude as they tour the various production areas. 

     IMCO is continually moving forward in the industry with the installation of the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment and implementing new designs for many of its products. Owner Kenneth Banks quite often tells distributors and shop operators visiting the manufacturing facility, “there will be more here the next time you come, no matter how soon that might be”! Truly IMCO is a company focused on growth, but not forgetting that quality and customer service are first and foremost of importance. IMCO products are designed not only to promote quality but also to provide easier installation for the shop operator. Pride is an important factor in IMCO’s success in the industry. It is felt that the customer should be as proud to install IMCO exhaust products, as we are to manufacture them. Our growth is evident with expansions in every division . . . mufflers, straight tubing, prebent, glasspacks, converters as well as the chrome and stainless tips, hardware and accessories. 

     IMCO took a big step forward in March 2006 with the purchase of Maremont, the light vehicle division of Arvin Meritor. The Maremont 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Loudon, Tennessee and employs approximately 350 people. Maremont has been in the exhaust industry since 1937 offering a full line of mufflers, prebent pipes, converters, straight tubing and accessory products. Along with the acquisition of Maremont came the Cherry Bomb performance trademark, a major name in the exhaust industry since 1968. 

     IMCO purchased Tubex Manufacturing Limited in May 2007. Tubex is a manufacturer and supplier of prebent exhaust pipes to the United States and Canada. Its 77,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Brampton, Ontario.

The IMCO Advantage…Our People